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Corporate tax is a complex and highly technical area of expertise. Whether a company is a small start-up business or multi-million dollar entity, each business has it’s own unique tax filing requirements and tax-saving opportunities.

As a full service accounting firm in Toronto, we offer a wide range of corporate tax services to meet the needs of your business. We go far beyond simply filing a corporate tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency on an annual basis, and our experienced team of tax professionals will guide you and your business through the various corners of the Canadian tax system. Additionally, to make the process as easy for as possible for our Clients, we customize our approach based on your business size and individual needs.

Are you spending too much time filling your own tax?

Not sure if you are claiming all deductions?

Tired of CRA Scrutiny?

CRA Tax Audit Issues?

Our team consist of Expert and Qualified Professionals.

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Corporate Tax Return (T2) Prepration

Corporate tax planning

Holding company structuring

Salary vs. dividend consideration

Income and capital tax minimization

   GST/HST return filing

   Scientific Research

  Experimental Development (SR&ED) claims


Personal tax return (T1) preparation

Personal tax planning

Sole-proprietorship tax assistance

Rental property tax assistance

Personal income tax minimization

CRA audit assistance


  Partnership tax return (T5013) preparation
  Trust tax return (T3) preparation


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